Let's Start Simple

Thursday, December 17, 2015 Sam 0 Comments

My spider ring is from our local RenFest. I'm in love with it!

Getting this bird tattoo was a huge moment for me
This was my first time wearing tights and distressed shorts in public. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen an outfit like this on Tumblr or Pinterest and thought "I wish I could do that." After the probably thousandth time, I had to ask myself why I thought I couldn't do it. My answers were many of the same ones that have kept me from being me for most of my life: people will stare, everyone will think I'm weird, I don't have the right body type, my thighs will look even bigger, I'm too short, etc. These excuses were still ringing in my head as I bought a pair of tights and some shorts to wear them with. They rang even louder as I walked out of the house (two weeks later, that is. Yes, they sat unworn in my drawer for that long before I found the courage) wearing this ensemble. 

Something amazing happened as I walked around the grocery store that afternoon..,or I guess didn't happen. No one stared. No one cared. Except me! I cared because I felt like me in the clothes I was wearing for maybe the first time ever. Underneath all that self doubt and fear, I felt comfortable and beautiful.

So yes, this outfit is simple and a bit boring. I like to imagine that I'm building a foundation to greater things - an even me-er me, if that makes sense. I'm trying.

Shopping List

Rolling Stones Tee - Forever 21 (similar)

Distressed Denim Shorts - Forever 21 (similar)

Slouchy Cardigan - American Eagle (similar)

Lace Up Boots - Zigi (exact)

Rhinestone Dangle Ring - Rebecca Minkoff (exact)

Lipstick - Kat Von D in Underage Red (exact)