Black, White, and More Black

Tuesday, January 05, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

I wore this outfit while on vacation in Maryland over the holidays. Packing proved quite challenging now that I'm staying true to my style. Before, I would basically pack enough tops and bottoms for the number of days I was staying, panic at the last minute, unpack everything, then repack with tons of extras just in case I had a "I have nothing to wear" moment while I'm away. Now that I'm being more selective with what I wear, packing proved hard in a different way. I planned outfits ahead of time. Nothing was packed unless it was immediately apparent that it fit with other pieces I was bringing. While it took longer than the frenzied packing of the past, it made getting dressed while away much easier because everything made sense and every piece was something I wanted to wear.

How do you pack? Do you plan outfits ahead of time? Or do you fill your suitcase to bursting so you'll have options?

Shopping List: 

Patterned Black and White Jacket, American Eagle (exact)

Asymmetrical Open Shoulder Black Sweater Dress, Forever 21 (exact)

Black Microfiber Stirrup Legging, Sock Dreams (exact)

Black Lace Up Boots, Zigi (exact)

Black Fringe Bag, (exact)

Lipstick, Buxom in Sinful Cinnamon (exact)

Wow! Exact matches for every piece!