Before and After: Fiery Redhead to Dark Grunge Goddess

Thursday, February 11, 2016 Sam 1 Comments

I have always had red hair. I was born with the reddest red hair that can possibly exist on a human head. As I aged it faded a bit, grew a little blonder but kept an overall reddish tone into my teen years. Eventually the redness faded altogether into dirty blond. The first time I ever dyed my hair it was to get back the red I'd always had and punch it up a little more because I'd always felt most confident with red in my hair.

Teenage me circa 2008 with my natural hair color, then a strawberry blonde
I've been dying my hair for the past three years. I never "needed" to dye my hair before that. I'd always been told that I had the kind of hair that "you couldn't buy in a bottle". Comments like this left me with virgin hair until that redness faded into something people could apparently "buy in a bottle". So I chased that red hair from my youth.

One of the first times I dyed my hair - copper red
Red hair always made me feel special. It got me some attention, but wasn't so outrageous that it made people stare or have strong opinions. I felt pretty but didn't stand out. I felt different but not so different that it made me worry what others thought. Obviously, I've changed a lot over the last three years. This past year, in particular, when I realized I was dressing myself into invisibility. I made the decision to do something a different:

Even when I got to the point that I was comfortable enough to add some purple, I still couldn't let go of the red. It was my safety net, the one thing that had always made me feel just special enough that I wasn't completely invisible. Recently I started wondering if I actually wanted to be a red head. I have spent so much time coveting beautiful, interesting hair - ice blonde with pops of color, the grays and silvers that have taken over the internet, pastels that look like watercolor paintings on hair, dark hair that reflects no light whatsoever. I was looking at them and thinking "I wish I was someone who could pull that off." But this year I'm getting rid of that phrase because it isn't productive. It's a phrase we use to hold ourselves back, to keep ourselves from trying things that are out of our comfort zones.

So goodbye red hair:

I'm moving towards lavender pastel. My stylist (the amazing, talented, and beautiful Sarah Havas at Studio Ruby Woo) had to take me from really warm to really cool so right now I'm sporting what we've coined "Oil slick mermaid metallic fish June beetle" (we're going to copyright it, obviously). Next month I'll go a little lighter and repeat until I'm lavender fabulous. Sarah has been my stylist since the very first time I dyed my hair. She is perfect, that is all.

Maybe I'll see you again someday red hair. I need some time away to decide if I'm a redhead because I want to be or because it's comfortable for me. I've hid behind red hair for a long time. Time to explore other options.

And here's a before and after. Changing your hair can make such a huge impact, huh?

 Have you experimented with different hair colors? Are there any you've wanted to try but are too scared to take the plunge?


February Lust List

Monday, February 01, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

1) So Psyched Backpack, NastyGal $58.00 2) ERIKA Ankle Boots, ASOS $36.00 3) Basilisk Incisor Ring with Three Stones, Birds N Bones, $134.00 4) Black Medium Fishnet Tights, Hot Topic $6.40 5) Lavish Bralet, Dolls Kill $32.00 6) Mood Ring, WickedandLovelyStore on Etsy $14.00 7) Sweetest Spread Fascinator in Black, Modcloth $19.99 8) Pack of 4 Jelly Coil Hair Ties, ASOS $7.00 9) Assorted Piercings, Pinterest - (I couldn't find the original source, please message me if happen upon one and I'll update!)

I realized recently that my wardrobe is growing so fast I can barely keep up. Unfortunately, I'm buying a lot of the same types of things over and over again because it's comfortable (shirts. I have way too many shirts). With a closet full of shirts clothes, somehow my wardrobe still feels like it's lacking. I think this is in part to my lack of accessories. Believe it or not, accessorizing causes me a lot of wardrobe anxiety. I never know what looks right with what or if it's too much or any other number of issues. Since this whole blog is about pushing past my comfort zone, I've decided that February is accessory only month. I won't be adding any more clothing items to my closet. Not only will this get me experimenting with what I already have, it'll force me to be on the look out for accessories that speak to my aesthetic.

Number 9 is a reminder that I'm ready for some new, unique piercings. I want February to be the month that I stop procrastinating and just go for it!

Curious about last month's Lust List? Of the nine things I listed, I only purchased two: the Lemurian Crystal necklace (which I can be found wearing here) and the book Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. I would high recommend both! I almost bought the Gwen palette but decided on the Urban Decay Vice 4 because it was cheaper and had a grungy burgundy color that I really wanted to experiment with. The rest just didn't excite me as much after a few weeks passed by. I think I saved myself money by thinking on these items over a month instead of making rash purchases!

What about you? Do you have your eyes on anything in particular this month? Does anything from this list you find particularly lust worthy?