Grungy, Witchy Vibes for Halloween

Monday, October 31, 2016 Sam 4 Comments

No Halloween costume for me this year. Since I moved across the country only a couple months ago, I haven't really made any friends here and thus, I don't have Halloween plans. But, that didn't stop me from channeling some creepy, witchy vibes today.

This dress is kind of a Halloween miracle. I saw it in a store window a few weeks ago but it was more than I wanted to spend so I left it hanging. But then during a recent thrift store excursion, I found the exact same one, in my size just waiting patiently for me to buy it. And of course, I bought it immediately.

The jewelry is some of my favorite that I own. I bought them both at a neat local Seattle store called Gargoyle Statuary and they sell all the creepy accessories I could ever want. When I bought the ring, the girl running the counter advised me, "It opens up so you can put your poison in there." Thank you, sales lady. I will indeed use this ring for all my poison needs.

And yes, this ensemble might look witchy, but you know I'll be wearing it year round.

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Corset bodice gray dress, thrifted (similar)

Black duster sweater, Target (similar)

Black tights, old (similar)

Chunky boots, Rampage (similar)

Spider poison ring, local (similar)

Bird Skull earrings, local (similar)


A Better Way to Waist Tie A Flannel

Friday, October 28, 2016 Sam 1 Comments

Before today, every time I tied a flannel shirt around my waist, it looked like my butt had a cape. It would flare and poof out and if the wind caught it just right, it would literally look like my butt was about to take to the skies. But alas, I have found the secret. Well, it's probably not a secret. I'm probably the last person to figure this shit out. On the off-chance you're behind the times like I am, here's a trick for tying your flannels:

1. Button the flannel up.

2. Place it around your waist so that the collar is tucked in and the buttons are facing out (fourth photo above for reference)

3. Tie it tight, just below your stomach. Voila, no butt cape for you.

Tied like this, it lays a lot better and doesn't flare our at your hips. And the exposed buttons are a nice piece of visual interest. Speaking of visual interest, we need to address these Converse platforms. I found these hiding behind a boring pair of sneakers at a local thrift store. And then one of the employees tried to bribe me into not buying them so she could buy them. Not today, thrift lady, not today. These babies came with me and then I went into the car and put them on immediately because I needed them on my body.

Lastly, I achieved this ripped tights, exposed fishnet look but literally layering fishnet tights under torn leggings. I've seen this style around and keep searching for a pair of something like this online to no avail. So I think this is how it's actually done. Damn, we learned so much today.

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Graphic Sweatshirt, H&M (similar)

Plaid Flannel, thrifted (similar)

Ripped Leggings, Express (exact)

Fishnet Tights, H&M (exact)

White Platform Converse, thrifted (exact, note: I've never shopped with this retailer but it's the only place I found that still sells these, if you decide to shop here, do some homework and make sure it's safe)


Wear Your Halloween Themed Clothes AFTER Halloween - Part 2

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

How To Wear those Skeleton Leggings AFTER Halloween

The Halloween section. It calls to you. You want all of it. You want to put it in your house and on your body and you want it to be Halloween every damn day. If it has a skeleton or ghost or a bat or a creepy anything you can't help yourself. You throw your money at it. Like that rib cage sweatshirt you bought last week in Part 1.

And now you have these skeleton leggings.

Shh, it's okay. You're not alone. I know October is almost over. And I know you love these skeleton leggings more than your little black heart has loved anything. All hope is not lost. I'm here to tell you that you can absolutely wear these leggings beyond Halloween. Because they're fucking cute. And you can do whatever you want.

Dress them down and run errands around town. Yes, goths need groceries too. Throw on something over sized up top. Make it cropped if you wanna show off your pelvis bones. Ooh-la-la. Boo-la-la? Too far. Toss your hair up in a sloppy bun, keep it all back with a bandanna headband and throw all your shit in a faded denim backpack. Done.

Bonus! You don't have to relegate these to the lazy day sweatpants drawer. You can dress them up too. Pick a luxurious fabric up top - velvet, satin, lace, whatever's calling to you. Dark, glamorous jewelry. Those platform heels you only bring out once a year. And throw on a blazer because your bones can be professional when they feel like it.
Wear Your Skeleton Leggings AFTER Halloween - Dressy

Come November 1st, when all the sweet Halloween merch goes on sale for pennies, you're going to buy it and wear it like the rule breaking, Halloween obsessed badass you are. 


Dirty Deeds and The Best Damn Tights Ever

Monday, October 24, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

In case you can't tell by how many leg close ups I've included in this set: I love these tights. Be glad I didn't subject you to the other 1000 leg photos I took. They just photograph so damn well. I also love an over sized graphic t-shirt. This one in particular is neat because usually with ACDC you just get their logo (I have one like that also) but this one gives a shout out to my favorite ACDC song of all time. I wanted to point that out because you're probably super distracted by how amazing my tights are. I'm sorry, I'll shut up about them now. And I swear my next ten outfits won't include striped tights (not the ones I show you anyway, tee hee).

Side note: I photograph myself for these posts. I use a tripod and remote trigger and to any onlookers, it probably looks suuuper weird. I took this set at a nearby park. Their nature center had this dark little hallway that I liked and it was quiet. And then all of sudden there were children. Lots of children. A stampede of children headed inside for a birthday party. And then I heard a small child voice, "Daddy, what is the weird lady doing?" Thank you tiny human. I am a weird lady. I take that as a compliment.

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Oversized ACDC Graphic Tee, thrifted (I found the same exact one at Target. Go up a size or two for maximum comfy)

Plaid Shirt Jacket, Nordstrom Rack (exact)

Distressed Denim Shorts, American Eagle (similar)

The Best Tights Ever in Existence, H&M (gasp, you can get the exact same ones)

Rubber Sole Worker Boots, ASOS (exact)


The 90's Grunge Floral Dress I've Always Wanted

Friday, October 21, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

How perfect is this dress? It's the 90s grunge floral print I've always wanted. The open back is a nice touch. Any chance to show off the tattoo I have back there, I'll take it. I actually bought all these items at the same time. I'm not sure I've ever bought an entire outfit all at once before.

ASOS is becoming one of my favorite places to buy alternative clothing. I've been looking for a pair of boots like the ones pictured for months. I wanted a flat rubber sole and rain friendly material. Basically, I wanted to be able to walk without falling on my ass. Well, I probably will anyway because I'm clumsy as hell, but it won't be because of these boots.

These distressed tights are hiding in the ASOS Halloween section but you know I wear my Halloween shit year round.

Shop This Look (it's easy! Most of it's from ASOS and is available now!)

90's Floral Dress, ASOS (exact)

Distressed Tights, ASOS (exact)

Rubber Sole Work Boots, ASOS (exact)

Black Textured Cardigan, thfrited (similar)

See-Through Crossbody Purse, thrifted (similar)

Note - It is actually just a coincidence that this outfit is 75% ASOS. ASOS did not provide these products or reimburse me in any way for sharing this look. But they can if they want (hint, hint).