A Better Way to Waist Tie A Flannel

Friday, October 28, 2016 Sam 1 Comments

Before today, every time I tied a flannel shirt around my waist, it looked like my butt had a cape. It would flare and poof out and if the wind caught it just right, it would literally look like my butt was about to take to the skies. But alas, I have found the secret. Well, it's probably not a secret. I'm probably the last person to figure this shit out. On the off-chance you're behind the times like I am, here's a trick for tying your flannels:

1. Button the flannel up.

2. Place it around your waist so that the collar is tucked in and the buttons are facing out (fourth photo above for reference)

3. Tie it tight, just below your stomach. Voila, no butt cape for you.

Tied like this, it lays a lot better and doesn't flare our at your hips. And the exposed buttons are a nice piece of visual interest. Speaking of visual interest, we need to address these Converse platforms. I found these hiding behind a boring pair of sneakers at a local thrift store. And then one of the employees tried to bribe me into not buying them so she could buy them. Not today, thrift lady, not today. These babies came with me and then I went into the car and put them on immediately because I needed them on my body.

Lastly, I achieved this ripped tights, exposed fishnet look but literally layering fishnet tights under torn leggings. I've seen this style around and keep searching for a pair of something like this online to no avail. So I think this is how it's actually done. Damn, we learned so much today.

Shop This Look:

Graphic Sweatshirt, H&M (similar)

Plaid Flannel, thrifted (similar)

Ripped Leggings, Express (exact)

Fishnet Tights, H&M (exact)

White Platform Converse, thrifted (exact, note: I've never shopped with this retailer but it's the only place I found that still sells these, if you decide to shop here, do some homework and make sure it's safe)

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