A Lazy Day Look (and a cat because why not)

Monday, October 10, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

Does this shirt fit? Nope. Suuuper big.

Do I listen to Def Leppard? Nope. Not even once.

Is this shirt the most comfortable shirt I've ever owned? Damn right it is.

And there's a bonus cat. You're welcome.

I can't post this without also posting a PSA: Please don't police people wearing band shirts. Don't go up to them and ask them "Do you actually listen to x band?" Who cares if they bought the shirt because they're die hard whoever fans or because they found it at a thrift store for five dollars? Who cares if they bought it because it reminds them of music one of their parents listened to or because the fabric is super comfy? Please don't be that person. Just let people live their lives and wear the shit they want to wear. End rant.

This is a lazy day look and lazy day photos where I thought "Hmm, how can I do this without having to step a single foot outside?". The answer: take super unflattering window pics with a cat who only wants his window sill back. His name is Artie. This is his window and I was just trying to borrow it.

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Def Leppard shirt, Rue 21 (exact)

Black textured cardigan, thrifted (similar)

Gray moto leggings, Nordstrom Rack (exact)

Tooth ring, thrifted (similar)

Red Converses, thrifted (similar)

Half-assed lazy day pony tail, FREE!

Also featured in this set is my new rib cage tattoo by the talented Christen Morris at TygerWolf Tattoo in Seattle, WA. I'll get a closer up shot when it's all nice and healed.