A Sweater So Ugly, It's Pretty

Monday, October 17, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

When someone asks me to describe my style, the first word I use is ugly-pretty. I love things that are so damn ugly, they're pretty. Maybe it's because these pieces tend to be interesting or unexpected. Or maybe it's because I'm all about unconventional beauty.

This sweater is the ugliest-prettiest thing I currently own. If we gave a shit about fashion rules on this blog, I'd be breaking about 10 of them right now. Stripes? Loud af colors? Oversized oversized oversized fit? Is it 80s? 90s? Seriously, what the fuck decade does it even think it's from? And I'm showing my belly in the second picture. Gasp. (Side note: all bellies are normal and beautiful.)

You might recognize these jeans from my Stich Fix unboxing. I am in love with them. They really do fit perfectly, especially the length which is a miracle for my 5'0" height. And this post is kinda proof that Stitch Fix can indeed work for an alternative wardrobe. Win! Though I have to say this sweater has me wanting to invest in a pair of mom jeans or boyfriend crops. I feel like since the sweater is so oversized, I might just go all the damn way with it and go loose fit on the bottom.

PS: I need more shoes. Converses are nice but it's boot season and I am ready. Where's your favorite place to buy boots? I need more choices.

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