Dirty Deeds and The Best Damn Tights Ever

Monday, October 24, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

In case you can't tell by how many leg close ups I've included in this set: I love these tights. Be glad I didn't subject you to the other 1000 leg photos I took. They just photograph so damn well. I also love an over sized graphic t-shirt. This one in particular is neat because usually with ACDC you just get their logo (I have one like that also) but this one gives a shout out to my favorite ACDC song of all time. I wanted to point that out because you're probably super distracted by how amazing my tights are. I'm sorry, I'll shut up about them now. And I swear my next ten outfits won't include striped tights (not the ones I show you anyway, tee hee).

Side note: I photograph myself for these posts. I use a tripod and remote trigger and to any onlookers, it probably looks suuuper weird. I took this set at a nearby park. Their nature center had this dark little hallway that I liked and it was quiet. And then all of sudden there were children. Lots of children. A stampede of children headed inside for a birthday party. And then I heard a small child voice, "Daddy, what is the weird lady doing?" Thank you tiny human. I am a weird lady. I take that as a compliment.

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Oversized ACDC Graphic Tee, thrifted (I found the same exact one at Target. Go up a size or two for maximum comfy)

Plaid Shirt Jacket, Nordstrom Rack (exact)

Distressed Denim Shorts, American Eagle (similar)

The Best Tights Ever in Existence, H&M (gasp, you can get the exact same ones)

Rubber Sole Worker Boots, ASOS (exact)