Sneaky Crop Top Action

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

grunge flannel plaid

A year ago I wasn't even wearing flannel (how did I live?) and now it's my go to. I think what I like most about this look is that it was super easy to put together. Zero thought. I was being lazy but I don't look like I was being lazy.

And yes, that certainly is a crop top peeking out from under there.

I have to admit I was feeling pretty bad ass - sneakily wearing a crop top, flaunting a mesh neckline, stomping around in my favorite boots, wearing super rad accessories and finishing it all off with 90's inspired lipstick,

I think we all need to let our inner badass out into the world every once in awhile.

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Red and Black Plaid Flannel, thrifted (similar)

Black Mesh Crop Top, Forever 21 (similar)

Black Pintuck Leggings, H&M (similar)

Spike Necklace, Etsy (exact)

Spider Poison Ring, bought at locally owned shop (similar)

Lipstick, 1993 Matte, Urban Decay (exact)