Stitch Fix Unboxing October 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

I've been wanting to try a style service for a long time because I have some shopping dilemmas. First, I buy a lot of shit. I have always gone for quantity over quality. One way I've dealt with this weakness is to do the bulk of my shopping at thrift stores. It's really helped but there are certain things that just aren't easy to find second hand (a good fitting pair of jeans, for example). Second, I often get very overwhelmed. If there are a lot of people or a lot of options in a store, I get panicked and have even had panic attacks. Trying on a home eliminates that stress for me. For awhile I was mainly shopping online but was falling into my shit-buying ways.

I have been seeing ads for Stitch Fix for awhile but I've been hesitant to try them because the women in said ads look nothing like me. They are thin and tall and they dress like they are important people. I am none of those things.

And though I had some trepidation. I decided it was worth a try. I know a service like this could help me with my shopping dilemmas but what I really wanted to know is if they could cater to someone with a more alternative style. So I signed up for the service, and today I got my first box. Here's me unboxing my first Stitch Fix: 

I have to admit as nervous as I was about making a video, I had so much fun. I have always loved watching unboxings and I am so happy I got to make my own. I will definitely do more of these in the future. As promised, here are all the products in my box with fit and pricing information in order of how they were introduced in the video:
First, here's all the info they sent me. It was nice that they took time to style every item in different ways though I suspect my style is a little...less put together?...than what they're showing here. There's also a price list and nice little personalized note welcoming me to Stitch Fix and introducing me to my stylist for this box. 
Just USA Dark Wash Denim Jacket, size large. $58.00 

I was excited to see a denim jacket in my box. I do think it fits the information in my style profile which tells me that my stylist was really paying attention. I love the color and the distressing and I would happily pay that price point for a jacket of this quality. I have never found a denim jacket that fits and this is no exception. I couldn't button this over my chest and it was too tight in the shoulders. I specfically said on my style profile that I have a large bust and broad shoulders so it seems that information was overlooked. If this had fit, I would have bought it immediately.

Status: Sent back
 Le Lis Mixed Material Knit Top, size large. $48.00.

I wasn't sure about this when I opened my box. However, when I tried it on, I fell in love. It's so comfortable. I like that the sleeves are a little too long and that the material isn't clingy at all. I could see this working in my wardrobe as a basic. I often use black and white as a neutral. I'd like to get a pair of bright red pants to wear with this.

Status: Kept
41Hawthrone Hellen Shirt Dress, size large. $74.00

I hated this when I opened it up and I hated it even more when I tried it on. The fact that I even got it on is a miracle. This garment is not big chest or broad shoulder friendly. This is not my style at all and it didn't fit comfortable. I hate elastic waists because they never fall where they're supposed to. That's probably my fault because I did not specify this in my style profile. I'll add it in immediately. I never want to put something like this on my body again. Ew.

Status: Sent back, would have thrown it right in the trash if it wasn't $74.00.
Pistola Tory Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean, size 12P. $88.00

Rejoice with me. Ankle jeans that are actually ankle jeans on my 5'0" frame. And they're gray. And they're distressed. What a day to be alive. I have a confession to make. I've never spent more than 40 bucks on jeans. At American Eagle. And they never fit. But those days are over. Because if this is how more expensive jeans fit (as in, they actually fit) then I will throw my money at them.

Status: Kept, currently throwing an actual dance party in my living room because jeans that fit!
Pixley Cegri Grommet Detail Blouse, size large. $54.00. 

This is a neat tank top. I love that it has asymmetrical elements and the grommets are a cool detail. Again, this shirt is not big chest friendly. I'm going to try it with a different bra before I send it back but it's probably going. At that price point, it would need to fit perfectly.

Status: Sent back pending bra shenanigans

In conclusion, it's a mixed bag. I think my stylist really paid attention to my style preferences but definitely overlooked some important fit details - mainly, my giant boobs. I can't really complain though. I ended up with a rad pair of jeans that fit and a comfortable sweater I wouldn't have even looked twice at on the rack. 

Thankfully, Stitch Fix has a checkout process where I go and give feedback about every piece I received. So next time, they should have even more insight about my style and fit preferences. 

Most importantly, it seems Stitch Fix can work for an alternative style which is what I wanted to find out. It seems like a good way to add some high quality pieces to a wardrobe mainly consisting of thrift store flannels and band tees. I'll definitely try it again next month. 

Note: Stitch Fix did not contact or compensate me to review their service. It's something I tried on my own out of curiosity. However, if you plan on trying Stitch Fix thanks to my video or photos, I'd be so thankful if you signed up via my referral link so that I can do more videos and posts like this one!