Wear Your Halloween Themed Clothes AFTER Halloween - Part 1

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

Wearing Your Favorite Halloween Themed Clothes AFTER Halloween

I have a Halloween problem. Mainly in that it's the only time of year there are skeleton and bat and witch and ghost themed things readily available to me. And I buy it. All of it. I can't stop myself. It's right there and it's spooky and I need it.

After Halloween, I end up with a lot of Halloween themed...well, everything. And you can bet your skeleton print thermal pajamas (Yes, I saw a pair. Yes, I want them) I'm using that shit well beyond Halloween. 

Take this HM rib cage sweatshirt. I went to my local HM to get one and they were all gone. And I know it's because you went there and bought it already. I can't blame you but I'd be lying if I said I didn't resent you just a little bit. For the month of October, you can wear this every damn day. On Halloween, you can wear only this and pass as a lazy skeleton. Come November 1st, don't relegate this to the back of the closet. Keep it in your wardrobe rotation and give your repressed inner goth child some joy for once.

If you're into alternative fashion, this isn't a stretch. Grab your favorite plaid skirt, pull on some knee socks, and walk your trusty docs right on out the door with skeleton pride. In November. And December. And that first weekend in April when it's not supposed to be cold anymore but it is anyway.  

Think of this sweatshirt as a basic. It's black and white so it'll go with basically anything. Here's a few more bottoms for options: 

Rib Cage Sweatershirt Pairings

Have you bought any Halloween themed clothing? Do you wear it year round? Now, go forth and keep a piece of Halloween with your indefinitely!Check back next week for another Halloween themed style.