Grandpa Grunge and Red Converse

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 Sam 1 Comments

The only thing I can think to call this turtleneck, plaid knit, short sleeve contraption I have on is a grandpa sweater. I'm a little baffled by it. It looks like a sweater vest that grew short sleeves and a high neck. And I'm totally fine with that. I'm calling it - grandpa grunge is totally a thing now.

These gray tights have been sitting in my closet for almost a year without being worn. Black is always my go-to color for tights so these don't get very much love. But when I saw this plaid pattern, I immediately thought of them. I'm glad I held on to them because I think they work perfectly with this outfit.

As chilly as it was today, I couldn't choose boots over my fabulous red Converse. They are the icing on this grandpa grunge cake (eww?). I layered some black socks for some extra foot and ankle warmth.

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Grandpa sweater vest lookalike, thrifted (similar silhouette here, I'd suggest searching "Short sleeve turtleneck" on Etsy for more vintage options)

Black hoodie, American Eagle (similar)

Black body-con skirt, Forever 21 (exact)

Gray opaque tights, Sears (similar)

Red Converse sneakers, thrifted (exact)


Black Friday Shopping Guide for Alternative Styles

Thursday, November 24, 2016 Sam 3 Comments

Alternative Black Friday Stores

Let's be real - alternative style is expensive. It's true thrift store shopping can add a bunch of neat stuff to an alternative wardrobe, but there are just some things and some brands you can't help but lust after. And when paying full price, there's no way to stock up on these things regularly. You have to pick and choose the items you want most.

And then every once in a while, something glorious happens - a sale. And then even less frequently, it's Black Friday and every damn store has a massive sale. Even the alternative brands we all covet. Here's a list of some of my favorite alternative retailers getting their sale on for Black Friday:

Asos - 30% off everything, use code THANKFUL30

They boast a massive inventory, not all of it's alternative but a lot of it is. I'd suggest checking out their boot selection, jewelry, and dresses. These chunky boots and this 90s dress are things I scored from Asos.

Dolls Kill - everything's marked down, no code needed

I just added a shit ton of stuff from Dolls Kill to my own Xmas list. I love their shoes and accessories, all of which are deeply discounted right now. Also, their outerwear section is killer and generally very pricey - now might be the time to stock up on winter essentials for cheap. Best of all, they sell makeup brands like Lime Crime which hardly ever go on sale and even those are discounted. 

Gypsy Warrior - 30% off everything, use code blackfriday

If you are a pin connoisseur, this is the place for you. They have a large selection of pins and other accessories. Their clothing selection suits many alternative tastes.

Nordstrom Rack - even cheaper Clearance, no code needed

This isn't a place that comes to mind when you think alternative style. But I buy a lot of my stuff from Nordstrom Rack (like some of the things in this outfit and this outfit). They sell higher end alt brands like Wildfox, Lucky Brand, Junkfood, and Free People at discounted prices. For Black Friday their clearance is even cheaper so you could grab alt necessities for cheap.  

Threadsence - 30% off everything, no code needed

They have a large selection of clothing spanning the indie and grunge styles. Their dresses are especially popular and plaid is always in at Threadsence. 

TUK Footwear - 50% off all styles, newsletter sign up required

If you subscribe to TUK's email list, you get notified for deals before anyone else. I already received my code for 50% off all styles through Black Friday. If you need some creepers, now's the time to get them.

Modcloth - 20% off everything with code Friday20, 30% $100+ orders with code Friday30, 40% orders $200 or more with code Friday40

Modcloth is hit or miss in the alt world. They do skew vintage most of the time but they also have some gems hiding in their stock. If you check out the shoes, you find some docs and other alt style shoes. Their bottoms section usually has velvet and plaid items that would fit nicely into any alt wardrobe. 

Dr. Martens - $25 dollars off $125 or more, new sale everyday for the next five days

Speaking of docs, it's time to get yours. These boots are a staple in any alt wardrobe and you're not going to find them cheaper than this. 

Tunnel Vision - 50% off all in-stock items, use code GIVEIT2MEBABY

The thing I love best about Tunnel Vision is their vintage section. They always include the decade so you know exactly what to grab for your 90s aesthetic. A lot of the pieces have been refreshed or distressed so it's like vintage but even better. Their new section has some of the best crop tops I've ever seen. 

Hot Topic - all tees $10, no code needed

If you need to stock up on band tees, now's the time to do it. At only $10 bucks each, you could probably buy every single one you want. 

UNIF - up to 60% off the entire site, no code needed

This is one of the pricier brands on this list and this is probably the cheapest you'll get for the rest of this year. I love how 90's inspired their looks are and they have some of the best alternative shoe styles you can find. 

Missguided - $75 off orders $150 or more (what?!?), use code LETSGO

I had to read that sale multiple times and I'm still having a hard time believing it. That's an insane amount of savings. Missguided has some of the least expensive, best quality alternative clothing money can buy. They often make use of mesh, distressing, and other edgy details. I suggest thoroughly combing their dress and outerwear section specifically. And pay special attention to their graphic sweatshirts, which are amazing.

Get a little selfish and put off Xmas shopping for others to take advantage of this sale insanity. You know how expensive it is to feed that alternative clothing habit. Save a little money and get that special alternative something your closet is missing.

Did your favorite alt brand make the list? If not, leave a shout out in the comments so others can take advantage of their Black Friday sales.


Shop For Your Weird Friend - Grunge / 90's Edition

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Shop for Your Weird Friend - Grunge/90s Edition

We all have those friends who march to the beat of a different drum. Or hey, maybe you're that friend. I know I am. They usually end up with giftcards as Christmas presents (not a bad thing!) because their style seems pretty specific and better safe than sorry, right? Well, if you were hoping to do something a little more personal this year, I got you covered. Here are eight things that will probably appeal to your weird*, grungy, 90's obsessed friend. And if you happen to be the weird, grungy, 90's obsessed friend (or family member), maybe you'll find a thing or two to add to your own list!

*Weird is a term of endearment here. I'm weird. Being weird is great!

1) A 90's revival brown lipstick - thankfully, this is a trend that's popping up outside of grunge fashion which makes it easier for you to do some research. You can refer to a guide like this one from Allure to pick the brown lipstick that best fits your friend's skin tone (or your own). There are options available for every price range, like the one above from Forever 21 for just $4.90. Drugstore brands like Revlon come in around $8. Prestige brands start around $17 and go up to 'wow, that's a lot for lipstick'. My personal favorite is Urban Decay's Vice in 1993.

2) Literally anything holographic - Channel the days of holographic Pokemon cards and Lip Smackers cases by getting your friend literally anything holographic. This coin purse from Forever 21 is affordable and versatile. There are pricier options on Etsy like this one that's actually on my own wishlist

3) Pre-Distressed Tights - I think tights are a good option because it's easy to guess at sizing. Most of them are one size fits most, while others are more standard S-XL. And they stretch just in case you're a bit off. I know you can distress your own tights but they don't always turn out the way you want. And then you're out a pair of tights. I'm sure your friend knows the struggle. How about picking up a pair of perfectly pre-distressed tights to put an end to all those DIY nightmares?

4) Sharper Eyeliner Wings - If there's anything a grunge girl knows it's that eyeliner wings can always be sharper. I've recently found that markers like this one from Eyeko give me the sharpest wingtip I've ever been able to achieve. If your friend wears eyeliner, a marker tip will be a lifesaver.

5) Holographic Nail Polish - see #2. Anything holographic. I think it's even more fun in makeup form.

6) 90's inspired jewelry - Give the gift of nostalgia. Remember the days of safety pin earrings and tattoo chokers? There's a way to do that that isn't just...well, doing that. Since 90's revival is trendy right now, there's some neat jewelry popping up like velvet chokers and safety pin charms. It's like a nod to the 90's without looking like you fell into a box of stuff you cleaned out of your high school locker 10+ years ago. But hey, there's nothing wrong with that either (I flip-flop between them) so if your friend is up for the tattoo chokers of yesteryear, they're easy to find these days, like this one from Forever 21.

7) Pins - You can't go wrong with pins. They can go anywhere. Denim jackets, purses, flannel shirts, car visors. Anywhere. Retailers like Asos and H&M are jumping on this trend. Hot Topic has been known for pins since before 90's kids were born. They'll be easy to find, they come in all kinds of styles, and I promise your friend will find places to put them.

8) A scarf but not just any scarf - Imagine you found a scarf in the bottom of a shopping cart in the parking lot of a store that's been closed for 5 years. That's the kind of scarf you want to find. No bright colors, no crisp lines. Something with fringe or distressing, something neutral or muted plaid. Before you buy it, imagine throwing it on with a denim jacket and a pair of docs - does it work? If so, get it, your friend will love it.

Check that out. You just Christmas'd the crap out of your weird, grungy, 90's obsessed friend. And/or found a thing or two for your own weird self.  You're a Christmas wizard!

Check back soon for more alternative shopping help this holiday season.


Grunge Graphic Sweatshirt (and a bad dye job)

Monday, November 21, 2016 Unknown 1 Comments

To be completely honest, I almost didn't post this set. When I was taking photos, I realized that there are brassy, orange-blonde splotches in my hair. It's really bad in the back but I see it in my bangs and at my hairline also. I'm not sure why I'm just now noticing it, but it's there nonetheless. I actually had a bad experience during this dye-job where the stylist left the toner on too long and it fried parts of my hair. Apparently, it also discolored parts of it. I'm feeling very self conscious and my hair is very fragile right now so fixing isn't an option without doing further damage.

But it's okay. I've made peace with it and that's why I'm posting anyway. I'm still me no matter what happens to my hair. I can still feel good about myself and just process these feelings as information. Yes, there are things I don't like about my hair right now but that doesn't mean I shouldn't like myself while it's like this. I don't want to hide from the world either.

Plus, nothing says 90's quite like a bad bleach and tone. Maybe I'll darken my roots and go full on grunge queen.

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Graphic sweatshirt, Junkfood via Nordstrom Rack (exact)

Plaid flannel, thrifted (similar)

Skinny jeans, American Eagle (similar)

Platform Converse sneakers, thrifted (similar)

Bad bleach and tone - no advice here other than rock what you got!


Ipsy Unboxing November 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

Since I've been doing Stitch Fix unboxings, I thought it might make sense to include Ipsy unboxings as well. Ipsy is a beauty box subscription. You pay ten dollars monthly and in return get sent a little makeup bag packed with beauty samples once each month (and sometimes even full size products!). So here's a quick little unboxing video for you to enjoy on your Friday afternoon:

I wanted to share this with you because subscribing to Ipsy has done wonders for my spending habits. I used to buy makeup a lot of the time just to try it. If something gimmicky came out or a new item from one of my favorite brands, I'd buy it just because I was curious. If I was getting bored in my makeup routine, I'd go out and buy stuff just to try it out. Ipsy has been a great remedy for this habit because I know every month I'll get some neat beauty stuff. Plus, I love getting mail so it's a win win.

If this video helped you make a decision to try Ipsy, would you mind signing up with my referal link? I'll get points to use on additional products to be included in future bags!


Nirvana With A Polished Touch

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Sam 2 Comments

It doesn't get better than plaid pants. Or chunky boots. Or a Nirvana t-shirt. Yeah, it's just a good outfit day overall.

You may recall from my last Stitch Fix unboxing, these are one of two pairs of pants I received in my box. I am smitten with this pair. They are technically leggings but the thickest, best quality leggings I've ever owned, hands down. I really love the subtle plaid print and the color. I'll be able to wear these right through winter with how heavy they are.

Since these leggings feel a little polished on their own, I thought it'd be fun to throw on a worn-out band tee and contrast it with this blazer I bought forever ago to wear at job interviews (side note: I haven't had a job interview since I bought it and the tags were still attached when I took it out of the closet this morning). It also has shoulder pads. I have the broadest shoulders I've ever seen on a petite lady. I usually rip the pads right out. I think this blog has been pushing me to take more fashion risks because I left them in this time. I've got to say, I look like fierce, badass, broad-shouldered bitch and I love it.

PS: This is the second outfit in a row I've photographed wearing these boots. I mean, can you blame me? They are utter boot perfection.

Shop This Look:

Black leather collar blazer, Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Gray Nirvana t-shirt, thrifted (similar)

Gray plaid trouser leggings, Liverpool via Stitch Fix (similar)

Chunky black ankle boots, Asos (exact)

Crown ring, Asos (similar)

Tooth ring, thrifted (couldn't find one with tooth, but here are some other neat dangle style rings)

Iridescent greenish silver nail polish, Pacifica in color Abalone (exact)