9 Alternative Style Items To Lust Over: November 2016

Monday, November 07, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

November Lust List

Receiving my Stitch Fix box at the beginning of the month pushed my lust list back a week but hey, there's still plenty of shopping days left in November! And Christmas is coming...hint, hint.

Yeah, there's a lot of 90's happening in this list. I'm feeling nostalgic for my middle school tattoo chokers (1) so I'm going to get some soon. I can pair them with really any of the clothing items I've selected. They're a tad pricey, but I'd love to get an Adidas hoodie (2), one of the black ones with their iconic logo. I can throw it over the 90's halter-style tank (7) and pair it with that tricky it's-a-skirt-but-it-looks-like-a-shirt thingy (6). That neato fake-out skirt would also look great with that "Creep" crop (5). I've been looking for a shirt with just the word "Creep" on it for so long.

Speaking of creep, I'm ready to invest in some high quality creepers (8). I heard TUK is the brand for that. If I run out of money before the month runs out, I'll probably put these on my Christmas list. Do you think Santa keeps alternative stuff in stock for all the weirdos out there? I certainly hope so. He can throw in that holographic rain jacket (9) too because if I don't get something holographic soon I might spontaneously combust.

Lastly, the Tarte palette (3) might look out of place, but I've got my eyes on that bottom right corner. The shade is called Leader and it's a deep burgundy hue that I'm going to smear all over my eyes for a perfect grungy, smokey look. Maybe I'll do it on the same day I wear that straight-out-of-the-90s t-shirt slip dress (4) combo for maximum grunge appeal.

As for October's lust list, I bought and kept the 90's floral print dress which you can see me wearing here. I returned the sweater and boots because they didn't fit as well as I'd hoped. It's alright though because there are plenty of great sweaters in the world and I bought these rubber sole worker boots that I like much better. The perfume, I sampled at Sephora and didn't like the scent. My hunt for a gothy black bottle that looks good on my vanity and smells good is still on. The rest didn't happen for one reason or another.

What are you lusting over this month?