Grandpa Grunge and Red Converse

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 Sam 1 Comments

The only thing I can think to call this turtleneck, plaid knit, short sleeve contraption I have on is a grandpa sweater. I'm a little baffled by it. It looks like a sweater vest that grew short sleeves and a high neck. And I'm totally fine with that. I'm calling it - grandpa grunge is totally a thing now.

These gray tights have been sitting in my closet for almost a year without being worn. Black is always my go-to color for tights so these don't get very much love. But when I saw this plaid pattern, I immediately thought of them. I'm glad I held on to them because I think they work perfectly with this outfit.

As chilly as it was today, I couldn't choose boots over my fabulous red Converse. They are the icing on this grandpa grunge cake (eww?). I layered some black socks for some extra foot and ankle warmth.

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Grandpa sweater vest lookalike, thrifted (similar silhouette here, I'd suggest searching "Short sleeve turtleneck" on Etsy for more vintage options)

Black hoodie, American Eagle (similar)

Black body-con skirt, Forever 21 (exact)

Gray opaque tights, Sears (similar)

Red Converse sneakers, thrifted (exact)

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