Honestly, I'm Basically Wearing Pajamas

Friday, November 04, 2016 Sam 2 Comments

I have a suspicion that this is actually a pajama shirt. Because it's so soft and comfortable. And also because I bought it in the pajama section. It's fine though. Who doesn't want to wear their pajamas all day? I may have taken it a step further by a complete lack of pants. Pajamas? Check. No pants? Check. Looks like I'm ready for an afternoon of naps and Netflix. But actually, I'm going out. You should know by now I like my fashion best when it's lazy.

In all seriousness, one alternative outfit I've always wanted to wear is an over sized shirt as a dress. I've always felt like I was too fat to do it, that I would draw attention and disgust from those around me. The body shame I've internalized has held me back from trying and wearing a lot of things that I've felt weren't meant for my shape. I'm happy to cross 'shirt as dress' off that list.

Cheers to the triumphs on an ongoing journey to body acceptance.

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  1. Girl, this outfit looks so cozy and pretty on you. I can't imagine how much self-hate you've internalized (people are so cruel), but you are beautiful and I'm obsessed with your style!

    I know you came to my blog forever ago, but my computer is broke so I don't get to comment or browse as much. Anyways, I'm digging through your archives and I'm so in love with your style!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! It was so nice of you to come leave a comment over on my little blog! People are indeed cruel but I think most of the cruelty came from myself which is suuuuper sad. But, hurrah for working through stuff and living life to the fullest :)

      PS: I think I told you this already but I love your blog!