Nirvana With A Polished Touch

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Sam 2 Comments

It doesn't get better than plaid pants. Or chunky boots. Or a Nirvana t-shirt. Yeah, it's just a good outfit day overall.

You may recall from my last Stitch Fix unboxing, these are one of two pairs of pants I received in my box. I am smitten with this pair. They are technically leggings but the thickest, best quality leggings I've ever owned, hands down. I really love the subtle plaid print and the color. I'll be able to wear these right through winter with how heavy they are.

Since these leggings feel a little polished on their own, I thought it'd be fun to throw on a worn-out band tee and contrast it with this blazer I bought forever ago to wear at job interviews (side note: I haven't had a job interview since I bought it and the tags were still attached when I took it out of the closet this morning). It also has shoulder pads. I have the broadest shoulders I've ever seen on a petite lady. I usually rip the pads right out. I think this blog has been pushing me to take more fashion risks because I left them in this time. I've got to say, I look like fierce, badass, broad-shouldered bitch and I love it.

PS: This is the second outfit in a row I've photographed wearing these boots. I mean, can you blame me? They are utter boot perfection.

Shop This Look:

Black leather collar blazer, Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Gray Nirvana t-shirt, thrifted (similar)

Gray plaid trouser leggings, Liverpool via Stitch Fix (similar)

Chunky black ankle boots, Asos (exact)

Crown ring, Asos (similar)

Tooth ring, thrifted (couldn't find one with tooth, but here are some other neat dangle style rings)

Iridescent greenish silver nail polish, Pacifica in color Abalone (exact)


  1. Thanks a lot for the comment you let on my blog! I love so much this outfit, plaid pants are the best :)

    1. Plaid pants are the best! It was so nice of you to come over and leave a comment on my blog - thank you so much <3