Shop For Your Weird Friend - Grunge / 90's Edition

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Shop for Your Weird Friend - Grunge/90s Edition

We all have those friends who march to the beat of a different drum. Or hey, maybe you're that friend. I know I am. They usually end up with giftcards as Christmas presents (not a bad thing!) because their style seems pretty specific and better safe than sorry, right? Well, if you were hoping to do something a little more personal this year, I got you covered. Here are eight things that will probably appeal to your weird*, grungy, 90's obsessed friend. And if you happen to be the weird, grungy, 90's obsessed friend (or family member), maybe you'll find a thing or two to add to your own list!

*Weird is a term of endearment here. I'm weird. Being weird is great!

1) A 90's revival brown lipstick - thankfully, this is a trend that's popping up outside of grunge fashion which makes it easier for you to do some research. You can refer to a guide like this one from Allure to pick the brown lipstick that best fits your friend's skin tone (or your own). There are options available for every price range, like the one above from Forever 21 for just $4.90. Drugstore brands like Revlon come in around $8. Prestige brands start around $17 and go up to 'wow, that's a lot for lipstick'. My personal favorite is Urban Decay's Vice in 1993.

2) Literally anything holographic - Channel the days of holographic Pokemon cards and Lip Smackers cases by getting your friend literally anything holographic. This coin purse from Forever 21 is affordable and versatile. There are pricier options on Etsy like this one that's actually on my own wishlist

3) Pre-Distressed Tights - I think tights are a good option because it's easy to guess at sizing. Most of them are one size fits most, while others are more standard S-XL. And they stretch just in case you're a bit off. I know you can distress your own tights but they don't always turn out the way you want. And then you're out a pair of tights. I'm sure your friend knows the struggle. How about picking up a pair of perfectly pre-distressed tights to put an end to all those DIY nightmares?

4) Sharper Eyeliner Wings - If there's anything a grunge girl knows it's that eyeliner wings can always be sharper. I've recently found that markers like this one from Eyeko give me the sharpest wingtip I've ever been able to achieve. If your friend wears eyeliner, a marker tip will be a lifesaver.

5) Holographic Nail Polish - see #2. Anything holographic. I think it's even more fun in makeup form.

6) 90's inspired jewelry - Give the gift of nostalgia. Remember the days of safety pin earrings and tattoo chokers? There's a way to do that that isn't just...well, doing that. Since 90's revival is trendy right now, there's some neat jewelry popping up like velvet chokers and safety pin charms. It's like a nod to the 90's without looking like you fell into a box of stuff you cleaned out of your high school locker 10+ years ago. But hey, there's nothing wrong with that either (I flip-flop between them) so if your friend is up for the tattoo chokers of yesteryear, they're easy to find these days, like this one from Forever 21.

7) Pins - You can't go wrong with pins. They can go anywhere. Denim jackets, purses, flannel shirts, car visors. Anywhere. Retailers like Asos and H&M are jumping on this trend. Hot Topic has been known for pins since before 90's kids were born. They'll be easy to find, they come in all kinds of styles, and I promise your friend will find places to put them.

8) A scarf but not just any scarf - Imagine you found a scarf in the bottom of a shopping cart in the parking lot of a store that's been closed for 5 years. That's the kind of scarf you want to find. No bright colors, no crisp lines. Something with fringe or distressing, something neutral or muted plaid. Before you buy it, imagine throwing it on with a denim jacket and a pair of docs - does it work? If so, get it, your friend will love it.

Check that out. You just Christmas'd the crap out of your weird, grungy, 90's obsessed friend. And/or found a thing or two for your own weird self.  You're a Christmas wizard!

Check back soon for more alternative shopping help this holiday season.