Stitch Fix Unboxing and Try-On November 2016

Tuesday, November 01, 2016 Sam 2 Comments

It's time to unbox and try-on my second Stitch Fix. To keep it short and sweet, I subscribed to the service because I was curious to see if they could cater to a more alternative wardrobe. If you'd like more information as to why I chose Stitch Fix, check out my first unboxing post.

Here's the unboxing video:

So I loved most of the items I pulled out of my box on first look, but the try-on yielded different results. I'm not thrilled with most of this box. The biggest problem is that one of the sweaters had a giant pull in the shoulder and it's glaringly obvious.

Anyway, here's the try-on:

Tart Patmos Bomber Jacket, size large, $88

I like this jacket. But it's not really a jacket. And it's $88 dollars. For me to spend that much money on something, it has to be amazing. This material is more like a shirt than a jacket. It's very thin. I love the pockets and the zipper but I can't imagine spending that much on a jacket that's not really a jacket. 

Status: Sent Back

Loveappella Carlota Lace Detail Hooded Knit Top, size large, $58

Holy unflattering Batman! Why is there crochet knit on only half of the stomach area? Who wants that? The other photos I took, I look so offended. I almost posted one of those instead but I'm trying to give each piece a fair treatment. But still, eww.

Status: Sent Back with much distaste

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee, size large, $44

Though I like this shirt (it's really comfortable and thin), I don't think this very light gray is flattering for my skintone at all. If it was a charcoal color, I would probably keep it because it seems like a very well made basic. 

Status: Sent Back

Rune Glynn Faux Leather Detail Moto Legging, size large, $58

Yikes. There's certainly a crotch problem here. These are extremely unflattering. I don't think going down a size would be much better.

Status: Sent Back

Fate Jenaya Textured Faux Leather Trim Cardigan, size large, $68

This one just really confuses me. It's a nice sweater but it had a giant, glaring pulled area on the shoulder where it looks like a thread got caught on something and then they tried to pull it off. I can't believe someone pulled this and didn't see it.

Status: Sent Back because it's damaged :/

On the bright side, I can definitely see that my stylist is paying attention to my style. These pieces have edgy details like faux leather and zippers. The color palette is spot on - I basically live in black. I see that thought was put into these items.

But there's a lot of bad here too. Not keeping anything from a box basically means I'm out $20. I said I'd give it three months. So far I've had one good and one bad so I guess next month will be the tie breaker.

If you enjoyed this post and it helped you make a decision to try Stitch Fix, it would be awesome if you'd sign up with my referral link so I can continue to bring you posts like this in the future!


  1. Did you contact SF Customer Service about the cardigan? If you wanted to keep it, they might have been able to send you an undamaged one, which would have saved your styling fee.

    1. Actually, their CS team contacted me! After I posted a link to this blog entry on Twitter, someone from Stitch Fix reached out, apologized for the damaged item, and offered me a credited styling fee on my next box since they didn't have a replacement cardigan in my size. Thanks for the comment! I think I'll add an update onto this post so people know how great their CS team is!