Lazy Sunday Oversized Grunge

Monday, December 12, 2016 Sam 3 Comments

Let me get real with you. I ate an ungodly amount of french toast before I shot this set. That's what Sunday is all about for me. Laziness and tasty food. This outfit was the perfect for stuffing my face with breakfast. Most of these items have been in my closet a long time which is unusual for me since I usually don't hang on to clothing for long.

The burgundy sweater was a Christmas gift from my mom four years ago. It's perfectly worn out and so so soft. I'm probably never getting rid of it. The skirt was a thrift store find from a couple summers ago. It's black and white floral print fits like a neutral into my wardrobe. Bonus: it's a maxi skirt that ins't insanely long on me which is nearly impossible to find. It's had a long standing place in my wardrobe because of it's perfect print and perfect length. The tights are so old that the knit has stretched out to give it a soft and sheer quality.

The newest item I'm wearing is the fabulous velvet patterned black creepers I'm wearing. They were a thrift store find (!!!) but are originally from TUK. You may recall I have quite the luck when it comes to finding shoes second hand. These are one of my greatest finds of all time.

I finished it all off with a barely there makeup. I must say I'm proud of that subtle contour job. Finally, I took the photos right on my patio. Voila! Lazy Sunday done right.

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Burgundy sweater, gifted, tag says American Eagle (similar)

Black and white floral maxi skirt, thrifted (similar)

Crystal necklace, local small business (similar)

Bird skull earrings, local small business (similar)

Black tights, old (similar)

Black velvet pattern creepers, thrifted, TUK brand (similar)


  1. I love how you thrifted some of your items and that you shop at small local stores, so cool!


    1. Thank you! Thrifting is huge for me. This year I've gotten my wardrobe to about 70-80% thrifted items and I couldn't be happier. I'm hoping to punch that up to at least 90% in the New Year. I see your blog focuses on thrifting and minimalism - that's amazing! I'm looking forward to more of your posts! Thanks for the comment <3

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