Stitch Fix Unboxing Video and Try On December 2016

Monday, December 05, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription box. You pay a $20 styling fee, Stitch Fix sends you a box of five items that are tailored to your style based on the profile info you fill out on their site. You get the box, have three days to try everything on, and then you send back anything you don't like in a prepaid mail envelope that comes in your shipment. The $20 styling fee goes toward the price of anything you do keep and if you keep all five items you get a 25% discount off the final price. This is my fourth Stitch Fix. It's a really great way to add quality pieces to your wardrobe. And I can finally confirm - it's great for edgy and alternative styles. Just take a look at my most recent unboxing for proof!

The Unboxing:

The Try-On

Le Lis Ceaton Contrast Front Knit Top, $54, size Large (mesh at the neck line is a crop top I forgot to take off not part of the shirt, fyi)

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. Yes. Hell yes. This couldn't be more me. First, it's a mixed print. Second, that print is not only black and white stripes (my favorite thing in the whole world) but also a grungy floral. This is the best top I've gotten from Stitch Fox. It fits great, it's so soft, it's warm, and it has all my favorite things.

Status: Kept so hard 

Coin 1804 Dielle Mesh Detail Knot Top, $48, size Large

And if the last top wasn't fabulous enough, I pulled this rad mesh black top next. Oh my god. Mesh here, mesh there, mesh every damn where. Which is exactly how I like my mesh. I love the oversized fit. I think it would be a crop top on most people, but my short torso makes this a perfect length. The only problem is that the mesh on the sides went halfway down the shirt and revealed my entire bra and at this price, it needs to be perfect. For that reason, I'm sending back.

Status: Sent Back

Liverpool Maisy Coated Skinny Pant, $78, size 10P

Ba-Bam! Dat ass. I don't have much of one so any pair of pants that can make what I got look that good - yes, please. And my legs. Really, these just look great on me and I don't mind saying so. Unfortunately, they are SO thin. If it were summer, I'd buy these in a heart beat. But it's getting so cold and wet here in the PNW. My legs would freeze so these wouldn't see any wear time this winter.

Status: Sent Back though my booty is sad to see them go

good HYOUman Teighlor Slim Fit Drawstring Jogger Pants, $78, size Large

And the foil to a great ass - a comfy ass. These are the softest, most comfortable pants I've ever put on my body. I love them so much I'll even forgive their awful, awful name. They are perfectly baggy in all the right places. I love the color. I can dress them up or down because the athleisure trend says I can wear sweatpants wherever I want.  Best of all the fabric is so thick and warm. I know they're pricey but I'm willing to pay it for something of this quality that I know I'll have forever.

Status: Kept and my booty thanks me for keeping it cozy

Emily Rose Deb Zipper Detail Cardigan, $58, size Large

I love the color of this cardigan. It's just too large and too long for my petite frame. I'm also not a fan of the gold zippers or the placement of said zippers. That said, it does seem like great quality and I can see why my stylist picked it. 

Status: Sent Back

The Verdict:

Hands down, 100%, without a damn doubt - best box I've gotten from Stitch Fix. The past two fixes have been styled by Madeleine and I plan on sticking with her until the end of time. You hear that, Madeleine? You're stuck with me. You're too good a stylist. You're killing my wallet and I love you for it. 

I'm so pleased with this box. Two shirts and two pairs of pants that fit great and are completely my style? Black and white stripes. Mesh. The athleisure joggers I asked for in my style note. What more could I ask for? It's so obvious Madeleine payed attention to my style preferences and that she put a lot of thought into what she pulled for me. Even the pieces I didn't keep were my style - it was just a matter of fit and the need to be warm.

I'm definitely sticking with Stitch Fix through the New Year. They've exceeded my expectations with this one. See you again in January, Stitch Fix! 

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