Thrift Store Haul November 2016 + An Announcement

Friday, December 02, 2016 Sam 0 Comments

In addition to sharing my latest thrift store finds with you all, I wanted to share my most recent endeavor. I've started selling secondhand alternative and grunge clothing on Depop. Depop is a mobile app in the same vein as Tradesy and Poshmark. I went with Depop over the other platforms because they seem more weird and alternative friendly, ie: not catering solely to designer brands. Depop is super easy to use - download the app, connect your paypal, take photos of your item, and write a description all from your phone.

I want my little corner of Depop to feel like a small alternative boutique. And since I'm sharing personal style photos with you all, I thought it might be nice if you could shop my closet. If you look at my Depop shop right now, you'll recognize some of the items there from past looks. Some items have even shown up in my videos, either my thrift hauls or Stitch Fix unboxings (not yet, these items aren't quite ready for a new home). For example, that plaid sweater at the end of this thrift store haul is available for sale.

Click here to see what I have listed at Depop right now! You can also find the link in my blog header. Be sure to check back often for new items. And whether you're a buyer or seller, if you have an account on Depop, follow me so I can follow you back!

Questions! What's one of your favorite recent thrift store finds? And, have you ever used a mobile app to sell clothes secondhand?