Wantable Unboxing and Try On December 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016 Sam 3 Comments

Well, you know what they say. One subscription box is just a gateway drug into the next subscription box. Okay, they don't say that but I do. After my success with Stitch Fix, I decided to give Wantable a try to see how it compared. Every unboxing I've watched for Wantable has been amazing and I've seen some styles that would work well for my specific aesthetic. Don't get too excited though. This got a little....weird.

The Unboxing:
The Try-On:

Project Social T, Cross My Heart Hoodie, size large $64

Is this soft? Yes. Is it swallowing me whole? Yes. Is it worth $64? Not even a little.

Status: Sent Back
Cross Front Ruffle Detail Dress, size Large, $39

This was supposed to be a dress but there wasn't a chance in hell this was getting over my chest. It's okay because I hate this so much. Neck ruffles? Yellow flowers? Bleh. I'm sure this is exactly the photo you wanted to see on a Friday afternoon. You're welcome.

Status: Kept because I couldn't get it off and will not have to wear it for all eternity. Just kidding, Sent Back but I've definitely gotten stuck in clothes before so it's not much of a stretch, sadly.
Kensie Ponte Skinny with Zip Detail, size Large, $68

Let's follow something that's insanely too small with something comically too large. How fun. I could tell these were big right out of the box, but this is just laughable.

Status: Kept because they swallowed me whole and now I'm swimming in pants indefinitely. Just kidding. Sorry, humor is the only thing getting me through this. Sent Back. 
Sarah Skinny Black Clear Water, size 30, $64

Another poorly fitting pair of pants but not laughably so, unfortunately. I had to cuff them about six times to make them actually "ankle" length like they claim to be. The crotch isn't doing me any favors either.

Status: Sent Back
Trunk LTD Journey Tee, size Large, $65

I like this shirt but it's too large. I usually take a medium in Trunk LTD. And as exciting as it is to get a graphic tee in a styling box, this is something I could easily just go purchase from the Trunk LTD website (and probably cheaper because I'd wait till it went on sale).

Status: Sent Back
Project Social T Starlight Scoopback Top, size Large, $58

God, the sizing in this box is atrocious. What is even happening with this shirt? My arms need to grow about size inches to wear this apparently.

Status: Sent Back. I don't even have a joke because now it's just gotten sad.
BCBGeneration Drape Front Jacket, size Large, $118 (!!!!!what?!?!!!?!!!!!!)

Oh hello, you're still here? How long have I been out? Sorry, fainted when I saw that price. It's not like this was insanely luxe or well made. I've seen almost the exact same thing in Target for under $30. You can't tell from this photo but this hit me above my lower back which is the strangest cut I've ever seen on a jacket.

Status: Sent Back

The Verdict:

This is some of the worst fitting clothing I've ever put on my body. And I tried shopping at Hollister back in the 9th grade with a size 34DDD chest. For a styling service that asks a lot about sizing, they are terrible at it. And it wasn't even a consistent kind of bad where everything was too big or too small - it was a mix. How could you pack that floral dress in the same box as that slouchy scoopback top - those two things could not be any farther apart in sizing. There's no way they'd fit the same body.

Apart from that, many of these brands are "mall" brands for lack of a better term. Project Social T is easily bought at Nordstrom Rack (discounted, I might add). Kensie is easily bought at Macy's (who provides coupons regularly). There's nothing wrong with that necessarily, it just feels bad that I could buy these pieces elsewhere and for much cheaper. It made it feel less special.

Does the box fit my style? Yes, visually, it does. Unfortunately, the sizing mistakes are unforgivable. I won't be trying Wantable again. I'll stick with Stitch Fix who have consistently provided appropriate sizing. I don't think anyone should walk away from a style box  feeling bad about their body and there's where I'm at right now.

To sum it up, I'm out $20 and my body image took a blow. Thanks, Wantables.

Update: For full transparency, Wantable contacted me almost immediately after I checked out on their website (the checkout information I gave was obviously very negative) to offer me a waived styling fee to try another box. I declined this offer. I have no desire to relive a sizing disaster like this again. If one or two things hadn't fit, I'd maybe consider but every item had fit issues and they were all over the place. I have made so many strides in getting to a place where I'm comfortable with my body. I'd rather stick with a service like Stitch Fix that has obviously taken great care with my sizing and measurements to give me clothes my body feels good in.


  1. XD such a bad box. glad you experimented with wantable. i will stick with stitch fix as well :D

    wtf that price!?!?!?! O_O

  2. Yeahhhhh I'm still a little confused. I honestly don't understand how that dress could get packed for the same person as that scoopback top. The sizing discrepancy is maddening. I have to say that Stitch Fix feels infinitely more personalized than this did. It's like Wantable went to Macy's and threw some sale stuff in a box and then charged me full price for it. Aesthetically, most things had that edginess I like but I think the sizing is unforgivable especially at those prices.

    I'm still feeling a little woozy from that price XD