Hint: Everything is Old and Comfy

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Forgive the scattered nature of these photographs. I started out in front of a neat gate at a park near my house. It was a standard PNW cloudy afternoon. And then bam! in typical PNW fashion, the sun peaked out of the clouds giving me the most beautiful diffused natural light I've ever seen. I quickly readjusted my camera and my position and started over. Of course, the sun went away about halfway through my pose set. So today you get half fence, half field.

I know I should also address the hair mess on top of my head. I went to sleep in a bun, woke up, and it was like this. It's like a side ponytail that had one too many glasses of wine and I dig it so I left it alone.

Much like this maroon sweater, this piling, fading, threadbare sweatshirt is an old favorite. It's the warmest thing I own that isn't outerwear and until I find a worthy replacement, it's staying in my closet no matter how sad and old it looks.

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