Stitch Unboxing and Try On January 2017

Tuesday, January 03, 2017 Sam 0 Comments

It's my first Stitch Fix box of 2017! I decided to get out of my comfort zone a little (that's what this blog is all about anyway, right?) and try the clothing on in the video rather than taking photos afterwards. I feel like my video is more honest this way. Usually I'm really excited by everything I pull out and any disappointment comes with the try-on. This way, the video is a complete representation of how I like the clothes and how they fit.

The Video:

The Info:

THML Alanna Plaid Pullover in Navy, size Large $58.00 - Kept

Laila Jayde Busby Cowl Neck Zipper Detail Knit Top in Dark Green, size Large $58.00 - Sent Back

Kut from the Kloth Corey Moto Detail Skinny Pant in Black, size 10P $88.00 - Sent Back

Market and Spruce Jinxie Marled Zipper Detail Pullover in Dark Grey, size Large $74.00 - Kept

MTLA Kristin Fleece Legging in Olive, size Large, $44.00 - Sent Back

The Verdict:

Both tops I kept are warm, cozy additions to my closet. That plaid sweatshirt is going to be a staple in my wardrobe for a long time, I can already tell. The zipper back sweater will be my go-to cold weather item. This fix was 100% worth it for these them alone! The fleece lined leggings are something I specifically asked for in my note and I'm so pleased that Stitch Fix had some in stock. However, I don't think they were special enough to justify the price. The black pants were my style but were simply a poor fit. The only item I'm scratching my head over is that cowl neck. It wasn't my style at all and it was way too thin for the winter fix I requested.

I will definitely continue to use Madeleine as my stylist. I appreciate that she listens to my notes, checks my Pinterest board, and makes informed choices based on my style. I have a feeling my fixes will continue to get better and better! Here's to a stylish 2017!

If this video helped you make the decision to try Stitch Fix, I would so so so appreciate if you signed up using my referral link!