StitchFix Unboxing and Try-On March 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017 Sam 0 Comments

So I actually had two Stitch Fix boxes in February but starting at a new job has been quite a transition and I'm having a hard time managing this blog and working full-time. I think eventually I will find my rhythm and be able to do both without issue. If you're curious to see the last fix, I did film a video and post it on my YouTube channel. I'd recommend following me over there because I do always unbox my Fixes on camera, even if the video doesn't make it over here!

Anyway, the last fix was terrible. There were quality issues throughout and it did not fit the specifications of what I asked for. That being said, Stitch Fix customer service continues to be top notch. They credited my style fee for this box and agreed that their quality control needs some attention to detail.

So is this box any better?

The Unboxing:

The Info:

NYTT Karrah Burnout Knit Tee in Black, Large - $48 - Sent Back

Nine Britton Sharlie Cross Back Knit Top in Olive, Large - $38 - Sent Back

Big Star Alexandes Crop Distressed Straight Leg Jean, 10 - $88 - Sent Back

Papermoon Jimie Cross Front Knit Top in Black, Large - $44 - Sent Back

Colette Vianna French Terry Knit Top in Black, Large - $38 - Sent Back

The Verdict:

Wow. Two boxes in a row that were huge misses. I'm really on the fence about trying Stitch Fix again. Honestly, I can overlook quality issues when customer service handles them so well. What I can't overlook is fit issues. One of the reasons I started using Stitch Fix was because I wanted to feel good about myself. I wanted to try things on in the comfort of my home and avoid the fitting room melt downs (especially with things like pants which are very difficult for me to buy in store). Before this fix, the clothes they sent felt suited to woman's body. What I mean by that is that the pieces in this fix felt like they were sized for Juniors. Junior clothing does not fit me. It is too small. Way too small. These larges would probably be true larges on a teenager's body, but not on mine.

Having struggled with body dysmoprhia for most of my life, it's taken me a long time to understand that just because clothes don't fit does not mean there's something wrong with my body. And I've gotten to a place where I understand this to be true most of the time. But when four out of four tops cling and fit wrong - it starts to bring all that baggage back up for me. It reminds me of being in the Junior's section fighting to fit my developing, curvy body in cute too-small clothes. It reminds me of being in fitting rooms as a teenager and having panic attacks because things didn't fit me the way they fit my peers.

So I have to give this some thought. I have really enjoyed Stitch Fix and when they get it right, it's fantastic. But when they get it this wrong, it's detrimental to my mental health. I'm hoping this is just a one-off and is just a matter of the brands they picked for me this time run on the small side. Any thoughts? Would you give them another go knowing things have worked out well in the past?

Wanna try it?

I swear it hasn't always been this bad. I have gotten plenty of great pieces from Stitch Fix. If you wanna try it out and see what they can do for your wardrobe, I'd be SO grateful if you used my referral link to sign up. I'd get a small credit towards my next box - maybe it'll help convince me to try it again.