Athleisure is Fashion for Corpses

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Sam 2 Comments

I'll be the first one to admit that I used to scoff at this whole athleisure thing. After all, I have the athletic ability of a baby learning how to walk while throwing a tantrum because it's hungry. But then I picked up a few pieces - a pair of Nike's here, a vintage 90's Polo Ralph Lauren bag there. And then before I knew it, I had a whole outfit. And then my wardrobe became 90's athleisure with a side of grunge I-don't-give-a-fuck-ism. They work well together. It all started when I realized that athlesiure is literally just sporty fashion for the lazy. So, you mean, I get to wear contrast striping, leggings, sneakers, and a pony tail without the expectation of sports-ing? And that's on trend? Hell yeah, don't mind if I do.

I think athleisure is the fashion trendy reanimated corpses would choose. I don't have any proof, mind you. But it seems appropriately comfortable for mindless shambling.

Shop this Look

-Black and white striped cutout top, All Saints (similar)

-Black leggings, Kohls (exact)

-Buffalo plaid fleece jacket, Kohls (similar)

-Nike Red Tag sneakers, (similar)

-Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren purse, ThredUp* (similar)

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  1. Ahh these two outfit are just perfect! They slightly remind me of 90's fashion, maybe because the sweater you're wearing, makes it look so "grunge" the first outfit is just so bomb! I love how it contrasts with your hair!
    Kinga xx

    1. Thank you! I do tend to gravitate towards 90's style fashion. Also, I just peeked at your blog and I love your style! Keep in touch <3